Day: 15/01/2013

Wu xi bi fan.. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing.

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Digital media, is a common form of media storage these days. Digital cameras is one of the biggest evolution we come across apart from digital news, games and music.. But today, for the first time in my life i realised the draw back of this so-called easy-going digital media.. I actually lost all my pictures which i too with my siblings a few years back along with all those cute photo shows we’d done in a retro style..!! This did not happen because we lost our CD’s..  NO!! Tablet PC with cloud of application iconsActually, a few months back one of our USB having some of our data and pics got hanged up, I tried a lot to get it repaired, but that did not happen, I let go of it, but the story doesn’t end here.. Today, when I tried searching my CD’s for my pictures, I found out that all those CD’s have turned useless and the files are either not opening or showing invalid data..!! This really frustrated me and my sister with whom I was working on all that lost stuff.. This truly made me realize that all this digital media can be only temporary.. I actually realized the importance of all that analog media, which is a little difficult, as you have to take the pictures and get them printed.. And as for the books, they are also difficult to search and keep.. But once you have the developed pictures and you are an organized person you can barely lose them, at least there no fear of pictures being hacked or attacked by any virus.. And as far as books are concerned I always find them best when in my hands, and not on any website or even downloaded(… IT JUST SO HAPPENS…).. I really think that we must  realize the importance of what we had along with appreciating what we had because “OLD IS GOLD” really is a true quote..