A Virtual Dilemma!

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imagesA file here, another there, a “New Folder” propped open on one side, 5th copy of the picture I just scanned, wait.. A whole bunch of the these copied pictures, and not just a single one in fact multiple copies poking out of different sites. This is just the beginning of the Pandora box! So far I was coming across files being copied once, or twice or maybe just five to eight times, but at least their labels were self-explanatory, the next thing I unearth is a file having a weird, yes weird assortment of documents and pictures and files I do not even remember compiling. Going through the history tries to remind me they belong to a time four years back, being compiled for the reasons must-have-been-known-to-me-but-aren’t.

This story is not about how I keep my stuff in my cupboard, No! It actually depicts my situation of a few hours back when I tried to rid my digital system of all the unnecessary files and folders. It was a Pandemonium, a silent one, of course, but I discovered such fascinating stuff which I never could have imagined was collected by me if it wouldn’t have been my own system. Files upon files of notes, which have been printed and stored in hard copies ages ago, stupid and idiotic pictures clicked by excitement, uploaded on  facebook but forgotten all the same. Folders revealing research articles downloaded for presentation purposes but never read or even opened except for the moment they were downloaded to check their length only. The situation doesn’t end here, in fact it haven’t even started when I connect my USB and go through it!

All this made me realize that I might be very careful while handling my stuff in the real world, making disapproving noises and snide comments at those who are messy at a level beyond my tolerance range, but as soon as I enter the virtual world, I do not allow my neat-freak mind to take over, making copies of stuff I do not want and storing things which will never be of any use to me, even if stored for an entire lifetime. I do not consider the fact that occupying that space for such stuff is making me get more and more USBs ultimately claiming a little but space all the same in my real neat world. Even if that point is ignored, the worst part is to clear that stuff out which demands time and energy and a greater amount of perseverance to admit the fact that I COLLECTED THIS JUNK!!

Not my Palm.

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Daily Prompt: Life Line

You’re on a long flight, and a palm reader sitting next to you insists she reads your palm. You hesitate, but agree. What does she tell you?

I wouldn’t let her read my palm, at any cost, the reason is simple, Islam doesn’t allow this activity as this can be highly misleading and also that the palm lines change every few weeks, so it’d be pointless to know things which might not happen at all and get myself either too happy or too worried. The only time I myself would gaze at my hands would be the time when I’ll raise it in prayers in front of my Allah. So, cheers. 🙂stock-photo-hands-up-islamic-praying-koran-beside-58640053


What I Don’t Want To Be.

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In our world today, we often ask children, as to what they want to become when they grow up and each kid expresses his or her desire to be a teacher, doctor, engineer, or whatever they find impressive at that tender age. However, as the time passes and that child becomes capable of understanding the prospects of the profession, he or she chooses that path for himself. Along with this type of career selection, we often have ideals, in the sense that those are the people we find perfect and feel the need to be more like them,in order to become good humans. But what I have realised in the past few months is that to be a good human, we do not only require the positive ideals, in fact, I find that those people are equally important which are particularly nasty to us, and we don’t like them at all. I have observed in the past few months, and in my daily life too that, there are some people who are constantly at a watch to make our life miserable, it is not that they have nothing better to do, NO, from what I have gathered, it is their routine to do so, and only those who play mean with them can tackle them. So I think that it is also important for us to know what we do not want to be, because even with Merida, she was told NOT to do a lot of stuff in order to become an ideal princess, and as far I remember, she was not once reminded as to what she was supposed to do.. 😉tumblr_mknca4S5f71rg5086o1_500