Day: 20/01/2013

Challenge Accepted.!!

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Daily Prompt: Breaking the Law

Think about the last time you broke a rule (a big one, not just ripping the tags off your pillows). Were you burned, or did things turn out for the best?


Ever since school, I have always been a nerd having no guts at all to break any rules at all, which also qualified me to be a head girl. The very same continued in the college and I was once again a geek having no guts whatsoever to break any rules. This time I got friends who were a little different from the past. Though studious and ambitious they were, having never breaking any rules themselves, all of us had an inclination to break a rule at least once in our college life. This dream came true when we planned a bunk in our last year of college (a bunk was a big deal because our college was no less than a very strict school). The excursion was a difficult one, regarding the fact that it was exam time and none of the students were out of the class for any of the game sessions. Also that our physical training teacher was very strict in this regard and only a day ago he had caught a couple of girls exercising the same activity we had planned. Apart from all this, my friends had me with them, meaning a constant flow of dire warnings as to what will happen if we were caught by anyone, but my friends were more adamant than me, and not only did we successfully spent our time in the computer room and hid in the library, but were also successful in making a detour of the canteen and buy some of our favourite stuff, after which we decided that, before the tables turned and conditions changed we’d better return to our classroom without further ado.
This successful rule breaking story is so soothing for me conscience that I have not yet tried to do something as to preserve those memories and not tarnish them at all. 😉