Day: 10/01/2013

Daily Prompt: 1984

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You’re locked in a room with your greatest fear. Describe what’s in the room.

Opening a door, and finding my worst fear in it, is not what would sound scary to most of the people out there.. It is distressing yet worrisome for all, but not something what most would call it their worst fear. A worst fear reminds me, normally of a boggart, and since reading Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, i tried to think what would mine be, yet none came to my mind.


Now this fear might sound a little “Nerdy” and sort of a show-off, but since now i am on theverge of the result of my worst exam results, i seem to feel that the room having my worst fear will have my exam report in which i have failed..!! Giving an exam as a repeater is my worst fear these days and i soo totally don’t want to go through this because i have never failed in my life ever..!!! I hope i have managed to clear these exams..!!


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Daily Prompt 32 flavors: Vanilla, chocolate or something else entirely?


Why only vanilla, or chcolate or something else..?? Why not vanila+chocolate+what-ever you like..
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Most of the people, including me, when like any one thing seem to go all for it.. This is not bad but going or selecting that particular thing over and over again is not it.. Variety is the spice of life.. Why not take things easy and try different stuff.. Go for vanilla one day, chocolate the other, and try all 32 flavours each day, or you can also go for a mash up of all flavours one of those days and you might as well like it.. 🙂 Life is short.. Try everything which comes in your way and you find it intersting and good for you.. If its good, you explore a new “FLAVOUR”, If its not you get to learn that its “NOT YOUR FLAVOUR” 😀