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My Writing Room.

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Daily Prompt: Writing Room

A genie has granted your wish to build your perfect space for reading and writing. What’s it like?

I entered the room purposefully with a brisk stride, my high-heeled sandals created the signature noise of heels on the wood. I did not sit on the chair of the study table at once, but gave a long sweeping look, and a smile spreaded across my face. The glass doors i had entered from were the same length of the glass window which was parallel to them and presented the view of a large garden having perfectly mowed grass and an outline of the flower bushes. To the right of the door was the library, i.e a book shelf from floor to a little beneath the roof, filled with all the books I have or wish to read, the shelf ends with the study table having a decent reading lamp, under which a pile of books is kept neatly, a laptop is placed with the wall, a pencil stand is placed next to the laptop, fully equipped with stationery. The room is a large one (24″x24″). The other side of the room is well furnished with a small, green coloured sofa set (having one three seater in the middle, with the wall and two one seater on each side of the three seater placed tilted) to compliment the garden view of the room, a coffee table having a wooden frame is placed in the in alignment with the sofas.
My sister called my from a far away place, I looked at her face, she was quite angry, she said, “You have been sleeping for an hour, whats got into you, you never sleep at this time in the afternoon?? Come on we’re all waiting for you at lunch.”
The genie was in the dream after all..


Phobia of losing my Stationery..!!

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Stationery, according to includes writing materials, as pens, pencils, paper, and envelopes etc.. I am a kind of person who would habitually share my stuff with my siblings but sharing anything bothers me it is my stationery.. Yes!! I can never allow my siblings (even though they are not kids anymore) to touch my stationery without my permission.. One would think that the reason behind this could be that I am trying to hide something from them or that my diary is kept with that stuff, but this is not the case, no..!!st I have already hidden my diary somewhere they do not know and cannot even think of, and as far as hiding other stuff, everything I have got is transparent, not literally of course, but in a manner that they know all about my belongings.. It’s just that I do not like anyone touching even the oldest of my pencil, unless I am ready to dispose it off and it is of no good use to me.. I have no idea as to why I am like this, but even when I am not working with my things i like to keep them untouched.. I like them residing on my study  table rather than in someone else’s hands, even if they are in the middle of anything important, I would just go on and grab it from them like a maniac.. My siblings often tell me that I am getting more and more obsessed with my stationery and that I should give it a rest.. It is true that  the fanaticism becomes mild during the vacations and I can occasionally be generous to offer my pen to them, but during the classes or exams, the syndrome is at its peak and hey know very well that to wake my wrath, all the have to do is to pick an eraser from my table and I’ll gt started as to how I have protected that “little one” from getting lost a thousandth time last week.. This post gives my image as an extremely miser person, or the one with a very low allowance, but both these things are not true.. I have a very good allowance and as for the stationery, we keep a stock of it at home so we don’t have to buy any again and again, and I am not a miser because I can easily spend money on things, it doesn’t bother me to spend money.. All that matters is that I don’t want to lose my stationery..!!!