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Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

The pictures are again from my university. It was raining and even though I was unable to capture the rain, the image quality is low and that the light levels are also not quite bright, I thought I should share something instead of nothing. 🙂

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Starting Over.

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Writing Challenge: Starting Over

Starting over, when followed by failure can be tiring, exhausting and even irritating. you don’t want to restart on what you’ve failed at but sometimes you are bound to do so which makes this extremely irksome.. But starting over can be very amazing when one starts reading over a book you’ve once read and feel like reading again..startingover
I love to read and a general rule with all the readers I do not read a good book once. If I find any book very interesting and inspiring I plan to re-read it. In my opinion one can only read the plot line in first attempt but starts to enjoy the true story behind it and starts finding the facts hidden beneath the plot. In case of a series the fun gets doubled and one can link various things scattered in all the parts by the author thus realizing the true ingenuity of him/her.. Starting over a book you’ve read once is like re-visiting your favourite events.. The book I like to start over again and again and yet not get bored is the famous Harry Potter series. It might sound childish but the truth is that there is so much in the books and th series that one simply cannot read it just once. There are points to link and things to discover in the first parts of the books after you’ve read the entire series.. Apart from this series, there are other books as well which area waste if only read once and must be started over to enjoy them to the fullest..
Starting over can really be great if it is an inviting book you’ve read once and look forward to read it again.

Here we go again..

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Writing Challenge: Starting Over

Getting started on anything can be very exciting.. You actually look forward to something new.. There is a maddening urge to get started and prove yourself.. Even if you are dreading that particular thing to start, you have something new to look forward to, you do know that you don’t want that to happen but you’ll surely learn something from it .. That feeling of what is coming up and how it will bring out change(s) within your life is very precious.. Either it is a new post on your blog, a new school year or even a new book. A new beginning is always a new journey to me which is exciting in one way or another.. But this is also a fact that chances of success can almost be equal to the chances of failiure..You might not be able to write a very good post, or be successful in your class, or maybe the book you started was not your taste and you might dislike reading that author from that day onwards.. This is where the point of STARTING OVER starts, standing up after you fall down is very difficult..Starting Over Again (title) You don’t have anything new to look forward to.. You might have learned from your mistakes but I never find the prospect of starting over inviting.. You have to pretend to yourself that you haven’t failed and all you went through was just a trial game.. You have to forget all those experiences you have had in your past and think that THIS is the new beginning.. It is always demanding to start over.. I also believe in the fact that success achieved by starting over have more laborious efforts of the person, not because he had done it all in the past, but because he had gone through it all yet again to achieve what he desired so badly that he’d do anything to have it.. 🙂