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Daily Prompt: Breaking the Law

Think about the last time you broke a rule (a big one, not just ripping the tags off your pillows). Were you burned, or did things turn out for the best?


Ever since school, I have always been a nerd having no guts at all to break any rules at all, which also qualified me to be a head girl. The very same continued in the college and I was once again a geek having no guts whatsoever to break any rules. This time I got friends who were a little different from the past. Though studious and ambitious they were, having never breaking any rules themselves, all of us had an inclination to break a rule at least once in our college life. This dream came true when we planned a bunk in our last year of college (a bunk was a big deal because our college was no less than a very strict school). The excursion was a difficult one, regarding the fact that it was exam time and none of the students were out of the class for any of the game sessions. Also that our physical training teacher was very strict in this regard and only a day ago he had caught a couple of girls exercising the same activity we had planned. Apart from all this, my friends had me with them, meaning a constant flow of dire warnings as to what will happen if we were caught by anyone, but my friends were more adamant than me, and not only did we successfully spent our time in the computer room and hid in the library, but were also successful in making a detour of the canteen and buy some of our favourite stuff, after which we decided that, before the tables turned and conditions changed we’d better return to our classroom without further ado.
This successful rule breaking story is so soothing for me conscience that I have not yet tried to do something as to preserve those memories and not tarnish them at all. 😉


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A few weeks back, with the beginning of new semester, we were required to have new reference books.. Now buying a book of an international author just for a semester is a trait of those who would read the entire book just for the fun of it and i particularly do not consider myself so efficient and book-loving so as to do that.. A few teachers recommended the online books which i decided to try, but realized at once that i am not so digitalized as yet so as to study from it.. I thought may be it was just me but when i discussed it with my fellows, they seconded my views, all we discussed was the feel of a book in the hands, turning the pages again and again only to verify that i’ve found it right, were the feelings we mutually shared, and all those using the books for this purpose can really understand me.. I therefore concluded that digitalilzing the life might be great.. you are facilitated in many ways but there are a few things which can never be replaced, temporary substitutions are amazing and the processes are surely made fast, but the permanent replacement is quite difficult atleast for people like us… =)


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We are often used to of picking flaws in people, i’ve observed it as a general comment many make and instances can be found all around you, you showed a friend your dress and after making hasty comments as to how she liked it, she tries to display her dress designing skills by fingering certain misapplication on it and almost transforms it verbally into a new dress she just bought from a boutique, making you lose heart for that dress..

Another one is when a neighbour walks in, observes your newly renovated room and makes comments as to how she had set her house in a much impressive manner and that yours is just OK and would have looked amazing if you’d opted for the same coloured furniture..

All these are a routine comments, which are forgotten as fast as they are said but the point which is to be noticed is that variety is the spice of life, if all the people start wearing the same dress and decorating their house in a very same manner, it’ll all turn very monotonous.. Assortment in choices only results in the colours and flavours around us and it would have turned very boring if everything had been the same.. Everyone loves to tell how they should be followed because they were praised for their work but no one seems to come across the practicality of this and foresee the uniformity it might create.

The world is more vibrant with its mantra..” To each his own”, rather than being uniformly undistinctive.


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Social networking in its normal and well defined meanings is supposed to be communicting and keeping in touch amongst your fellow, friends or even a single person you know.. But if we re-define this term as per our lives, it is supposed to be in “so-called” touch with anyone we know, or sometimes we even do not know..!! A person using a social networking website is apparently connecting to his friends and fellows and others but is so unaware of its surrounding that he won’t even realise if anyone is talking to him. The computerized social networking is of good use if you are really communicating, but stupid and childish games of farms and cities gives you a reason to waste your time on a website like that  just  for no reason at all..!! Don’t you think that we must realize that there is more to internet than social networking ..??