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Daily Prompt: Seven Days

You wake up tomorrow morning to find all your plans have been cancelled for the next seven days and $10,000 on your dresser. Tell us about your week.


Hmmm.. If this would happen tomorrow, and I know it from now, I need not wake up in the morning to be shocked.. I’ll wake up late, have a good breakfast, give 3 of my 7 days to relaxation as my mind is extremely exhausted at the moment and will continue with my exhaustion i.e to say my routine revision in the days left.. About the money, some of it will be spent on the 3 day relaxation plan, other however, will go to my saving box..

Don’t Wanna Go Back!!

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End of vacations had always been a source of inspiration for me, i used to feel that re-joining classes gives me a head-start in mylife, a new curriculum , a renewed routine and a very clean and fresh mind to study. But I have no such sentiments to appreciate after the end of these vacations, infact, depression is growing on me with the tick of the clock. Its NEVER been like this ever since i remember going to school, and this is something my mum also seconds, so of course my memory haven’t gone that bad in desperation.
I have been feeling horrible about this for a few days, in order to come out of my misery, i have been reminding myself of going back for a week,convincing myself, and repeating again and again that i am now bored of my vacations and i want my classes to resume, but this didn’t help.
Finally, the last day of my vacations (today) began, I ate a large and a very good breakfast, only because of this very fact, then i decided to do something productive, even though i had kept the feat of preparing for the first day today, i undertook the task of preparing soup for dinner, but i also messed up with it, owing to the fact that i had a sudden bout of stomach ache, which only happens when i am nervous,this resulted in a soup which was only edible and not the usual quality i make.
Through out the day i kept losing thread of things, and of the chores which i was supposed to do. While slicing the bread for dinner, i felt that the bread is too soft to be cut easily only to realize moments afterwards that i was holding the knife upside down!!
To keep my mind off things i have written three posts since morning, however, i am going to publish them altogether and have been saving them in my computer. I still have to prepare for tomorrow, therefore i must resign myself to THE FACT and must get started because.. “SECRET OF GETTING AHEAD IS GETTING STARTED”

I’ve been want…

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I’ve been wanting to write again for long but was unable to do so due to two major reaseons.. One of them and a major one
was exams, the second one, however, was post-exam euphoria.
The exams, since now, only were a matter of two months, a month for preparation, and another for performance, but things have
changed lately..

Exams are now like a ferocious tornado which hurls us through it. The storm begins with the mid terms, continues to practicals and
finally end up on the terminla exams.. Exams can be faced easily if they are scheduled properly, but given a horrible schedule and feel like
you are facing one of those ACTIVATION ENERGY graphs from chemistry, which cannot have any alternate pathway becuse there
is no margin for a catalyst in the reaction, having felt the pure exam pressure, i realised that no google image can explain me, so this
time i drew my own graph which is somehow understandable and shows the effort level of students during the entire bunch of
examination they face.

But now that i’m done with all the exams any university can come up for a semester and i am also over my euphoria.. I guess i’ll haveImageto set-up a vacation routine and do something which is productive for my self but not dangerous for others. 😉


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Every vacation comes with an unsaid list of chores, which no matter how much we try to ignore we know we’ll have to get done.. This winter vacation was the same as the previous ones, and therefore, there were a few things to get done in this time before i return my routine life.. Specially if the vacations are after a stretch of exams, it is most likely that you have planned a movie, or anything else.. But the problem i discover myself in, is that i am most prone to laziness.. When it comes to getting done the tasks you do once a few months like cleaning your bookshelves and drawers etc, I become very slow on the uptake.. Despite the nagging feeling of foreboding within me, a “vacation weariness” comes over and i either end up doing it in the last week, or leaving it completely to the next vacations.. Life is to resume from tomorrow for me and i am still left with a few chores to get done.. But then again, we always have another vacation in the line.. even if it is after a fair few months… ;D