Good Morning.

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Daily Prompt: The Golden Hour

6:00AM: the best hour of the day, or too close to your 3:00AM bedtime?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us DAWN.


To me, 6:00 am is a very good time, firstly, because these days it is in the range of the time for Fajr prayer, the best thing to start your day with, secondly, whenever I have woken up at six, I have had a highly productive day, because I would try to tackle some of my studies at that time, and would manage not just some, but quite a lot.

Also that this dawning time always provides the best refreshing air to me, so I find it extremely good. but the problem comes to the fact that I don’t usually have the energy to wake up at this time, but when I do it is very good. And last of all, it is the time I am usually having the few last minutes of the sleep, which are the most treasured moments before waking up. 🙂

A lamely Post.

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I haven’t written anything for a long time, the reason for it as usual, were my exams, even though I had prepared for the exams throughout the semester, this were the toughest one offered by the university(I wouldn’t have signed up for this course if I’d known it was that difficult), but anyway I am now through them and relieved. I must also share here that I had my last exam, last week but I was too lazy to tap on my thoughts, visit Pottermore, start on my chores, or even get started on the new book I had bought in the beginning of the semester and I was really looking forward to reading, but anyway, I am back in my stride and have started to do all what I had planned earlier, quite unlike my previous vacations.. I know that this post is not something very interesting and much about the babble of what I’ve been doing, but I really felt like writing something and daily prompts were not something I really wanted to write about.. There are a few things I would like to share though, I signed up at lumosity, it is a very good website which offers brain train games, I know it is really a lame post, but I really felt like writing something and this is all I came up with.

Slow and Easy does it.

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Daily Prompt: Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

You need to make a major change in your life. Do you make it all at once, cold turkey style, or incrementally?

Some changes are not under my control – They come suddenly, we cannot help it.
Some changes are those which we acquire by ourselves – One of them, is the change of the money, which is welcoming when you want to spend on minor things.
The other type of change is acquired voluntarily – This can either be in lifestyle and can be any replacement as well.
To me, the change is more adjustable when given a time, one can get easily accustomed to it, and they can easily blend-in the lifestyle.
Besides, it doesn’t gets to the head, it becomes easy to get on with the life and let the change sink into your life.
The instance I just saw was mixing the food in colour and sugar in milk gradually while stirring it all the he same, the colour blended in, the final result was a changed product, yet the process of mixing the sugr in it didn’t stop. 🙂

10 minutes to go..!!

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Daily Prompt: Ready, Set Go

Set a timer for ten minutes. Open a new post. Start the timer, and start writing. When the timer goes off, publish.


10 minutes to write a post, I take a look on the clock on the screen of my notebook, it says: 07:10 PM. What can I write about? There is not just any one thing going through my mind right now.. I glance at it again.. 2 minutes have passed.. Wow, this is way more easier than walking everyday for 25 minutes, where a minute goes on and on and I just can’t wait for all the 25 minutes to pass..!! Writing sure is easy than walking.. The next thing which is coming to my mind right now is that I just posted something, and I hope it’ll be a good read.. 5 minutes have passed..!! 🙂 Now the next thing in my mind is that I am now in the toughest year of my educational career( I am not saying this, my teachers told me that) and I have a file to arrange, lectures to study and maybe a few reference books to go through if I’ll have enough time after these two things to get done. Also that weekend is round the corner, which is making me lazy to do all that, plus interesting T.V shows and I have lost the track of my studies..
Last thing to mention in this post now that only 2 minutes are left now.. I cleared my 4th semester.. I was not hoping since my exams were not up to a scratch but still i scraped 3.0 GPA, not my usual, but at least I passed.. With that I am done and I have taken a few seconds over 10 min.. Cheers.. 🙂
P.S: My typing speed is very slow..



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Daily Prompt: Apply Yourself

Describe your last attempt to learn something that did not come easily to you.


My last attempt to learn something was at trying to learn how to patch those buttons up which have either broken or went throughsomething which separated them from my beloved clothes, and my failing attempts to sew my those clothes which have been torn inone way or another. I am extremely lousy with “THREADS AND NEEDLES”, I just cannot get the hang of stitches and sewing. On one such occasion I had to get the sleeve of my shirt repaired which had torn due to improper stitching by my tailor, as I had no other choice than to do it myself, I got started on it and ended up crying and mentally preparing myself to lose that dress forever, but thanks to my mom who helped in that troubled time and just did that shirt for me. Apart from this stitching attempt, last time I remember I had brought a dress which had button holes on it but no buttons attached. As it was from a whole-sale market I simply had no margin to complain and yet again I had to make attempts either to convince my sister to do that for me or getting it done by myself. My sister is great with this stuff and she generally takes interest in this stuff, but I guess that was the time for me to learn something and therefore I had no choice but to do that work all by myself. 8 buttons, yes all 8 buttons stitched by my hands and the end result consisted of :

1. Buttons on my dress.

2. My fingers all punctured..!!

Room of Requirement..

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Daily Prompt: Clean Slate

Explore the room you’re in as if you’re seeing it for the first time. Pretend you know nothing. What do you see? Who is the person who lives there?

The room I am sitting in right now is my own which  I share with my siblings, but to write on the topic given by daily prompt, I try to look at it from an outsiders point of view..

roomIt is an average sized room, a large space is occupied by the bed, taking a closer look on the bed i find out that the one side of the bed has two drawers, and the other contains one big drawer equal to the length of the entire bed, to the left of the bed is a door, which might be the bathroom, next to which is the new year calendar and a dressing table, followed by a curtain which will cover the door of the balcony when used. A bag is resting against the wall in front of the bed.. To the right of the bed are two cupboards, with four doors, each door have a key having a different key chain, which look like they have been selected by children of round 12 year of age.. A small side table is also kept next to the cupboards which is followed by the door of the room to the common.. On the side table resides a cell phone which is around a year or two out of fashion.. The room is tidy in its look, apart from the bed spread which is clean but not straightened and it seems that the residents of the room are constantly sitting on it, a t-shirt is also thrown on a movable chair which is placed next to the bed..  The room is complete if I see it as someone who has never seen it before, even though I myself have a lot to complain about, i do realize after writing this post that I have been blessed with more than I can ask for.. 🙂

Don’t Wanna Go Back!!

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End of vacations had always been a source of inspiration for me, i used to feel that re-joining classes gives me a head-start in mylife, a new curriculum , a renewed routine and a very clean and fresh mind to study. But I have no such sentiments to appreciate after the end of these vacations, infact, depression is growing on me with the tick of the clock. Its NEVER been like this ever since i remember going to school, and this is something my mum also seconds, so of course my memory haven’t gone that bad in desperation.
I have been feeling horrible about this for a few days, in order to come out of my misery, i have been reminding myself of going back for a week,convincing myself, and repeating again and again that i am now bored of my vacations and i want my classes to resume, but this didn’t help.
Finally, the last day of my vacations (today) began, I ate a large and a very good breakfast, only because of this very fact, then i decided to do something productive, even though i had kept the feat of preparing for the first day today, i undertook the task of preparing soup for dinner, but i also messed up with it, owing to the fact that i had a sudden bout of stomach ache, which only happens when i am nervous,this resulted in a soup which was only edible and not the usual quality i make.
Through out the day i kept losing thread of things, and of the chores which i was supposed to do. While slicing the bread for dinner, i felt that the bread is too soft to be cut easily only to realize moments afterwards that i was holding the knife upside down!!
To keep my mind off things i have written three posts since morning, however, i am going to publish them altogether and have been saving them in my computer. I still have to prepare for tomorrow, therefore i must resign myself to THE FACT and must get started because.. “SECRET OF GETTING AHEAD IS GETTING STARTED”


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During the hustle and bustle of my routine life, i used to think longingly of writing and posting on my blog again and again.. What i would write about, i had not decided, but i thought, that once i’ll have vacations, topics will be flooding my mind, but what happened was against my presumption and therefore i have only posted once since my exams.. I find the reason to be lack of ideas.. Everytime i think of writing, the question arises of what would i be writing about. i start searching around myself for topics and fail to find any, specially, now that i do have time and a free mind to write..
There is anotheer problem in line even if i have a good topic up my sleeve during exams and i have a fair few points regarding it, what happen is i simply find myself at lost for words.. In other words, i forget either the points or the topics itself. ;( These problems, however can be resolved, if, i would be active enough to grab a pen and note those things down. I even tried jotting down the points once or twice but now, i’ve turned extremely lazy to get that done, and this laziness makes me an extremely slow yet irregular blogger.. But this time i really do have a few topics in mind and i am very much hoping that i’ll nail it this time.