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Daily Prompt: We Can Be Taught!

What makes a teacher great?

I am one of those few person who had been taught by an amazing teacher who is possesses al the qualities one, and by one i mean anyone would want in their teacher. He was the first teacher from our department to teach us our major and the best part is that each and every word and style is not only memorable for a few but for the entire class, and if I would ever want to be a teacher, I would like to be like him.

  1. He knew where to start the lecture from and where to end it.
  2. He can keep the class quiet without being strict.
  3. He is there to respond when ever we need help.

This was just a summary of what he is like.

Something to fill in.

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Daily Prompt: Fifteen Credits

Another school semester will soon begin. If you’re in school, are you looking forward to starting classes? If you’re out of school, what do you miss about it — or are you glad those days are over?

images (1)If this one is specifically about school, I am definitely done with it for around 5 years now (School here is for 10 years), but then I moved on to the college, which was a two years span, and those two years were the very best of my life. I had amazing friends, teachers and a very good college which was not only gave me amazing basics for my university students but also allowed me to gather the memories  to last me life time. Even though our group of five friends is now busy pursuing their own careers, we had a great time and our college was no less than a school, which allowed us a two-year extension on the schooling and I really miss those days, but the best part is that even though I have been in the university now for the past two and a half-year, I don’t much miss the college or school due to the wonderful fellows I have. I really think that when we will part ways, things will be difficult and then might be the time for us to miss school, college and the university altogether, but in my opinion, as long as I am in the process of being educated as a student, I do not think that I will be missing any of my education institute because there will be something filling in on its space.


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Daily Prompt: Procrastination

What have you been putting off doing? Why?

I have been putting off doing my assignment lately, and this is something most of the students do. The thing is that with Ramadan, followed by Eid, followed by Independence day celebrations, along with the going-ons of the routine life, I seem to have become more of a person who avoids her homework. It was not like this since the last semester when I had made a habit of not only doing my day-to-day homework, but also study the day’s work in order to prepare for the exams, but the second semester of the year is always the lazy one and I never seem to get the hang of my homework in this semester, same is the case this year and the assignment which I am supposed to be submitting in the last week of August is waiting quiet patiently, as it is not capable of saying anything itself along with a bunch of many more reading assignments, statistics practice, and laboratory practice manual, in addition to all that studying I am supposed to be doing for my exams which are a month away and all I feel like doing is applying nail color, writing another post, or may be reading a book.

A lamely Post.

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I haven’t written anything for a long time, the reason for it as usual, were my exams, even though I had prepared for the exams throughout the semester, this were the toughest one offered by the university(I wouldn’t have signed up for this course if I’d known it was that difficult), but anyway I am now through them and relieved. I must also share here that I had my last exam, last week but I was too lazy to tap on my thoughts, visit Pottermore, start on my chores, or even get started on the new book I had bought in the beginning of the semester and I was really looking forward to reading, but anyway, I am back in my stride and have started to do all what I had planned earlier, quite unlike my previous vacations.. I know that this post is not something very interesting and much about the babble of what I’ve been doing, but I really felt like writing something and daily prompts were not something I really wanted to write about.. There are a few things I would like to share though, I signed up at lumosity, it is a very good website which offers brain train games, I know it is really a lame post, but I really felt like writing something and this is all I came up with.

1 in 2!

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Daily Prompt: Clone Wars

If you could clone yourself, how would you split up your responsibilities?

The prospect of having a clone which would share my responsibilities is amazing, but on few conditions,

  • It would transfer it’s days mind work in my brain.
  • It should have an all time connection with me, without even cell-phone and all.
  • And it wouldn’t speak unless I would ask it to.

In short, it should have the properties of a robot(more or less).

Now, how I would share my responsibilities with it, is an easy question, I would ask it to help my mom in chores, something I’ve been wanting to do regularly but I am unable to do so due to my tough university schedule.
I would also like it to go to university for me, at times, when I’ll be tired, that is why I want it to transfer it’s days mind work to my brain.
Most of all, it should be able to pack my bag everyday, and must know what I want so that I don’t have to miss anything because of it.


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Daily Prompt: Seven Days

You wake up tomorrow morning to find all your plans have been cancelled for the next seven days and $10,000 on your dresser. Tell us about your week.


Hmmm.. If this would happen tomorrow, and I know it from now, I need not wake up in the morning to be shocked.. I’ll wake up late, have a good breakfast, give 3 of my 7 days to relaxation as my mind is extremely exhausted at the moment and will continue with my exhaustion i.e to say my routine revision in the days left.. About the money, some of it will be spent on the 3 day relaxation plan, other however, will go to my saving box..


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Daily Prompt: Far From Normal

Many of us think of our lives as boringly normal, while others live the high life. Take a step back, and take a look at your life as an outsider might.

She stepped out from the van and started moving towards the department at a brisk pace, she was wearing her hijab with the style of latest trend and her usual black abaya, but what made her unusual from other abaya wearing girls of the class was that she was the only one out of the 52 who took off her abaya as soon as she entered the class and only wore it again when leaving. After taking off her abaya and arranging her hijab in a proper way she took her usual detour towards the notice board with her friend, the route people usually take to get out of the department but do not even bother to glance at the board, then again her being nerd was a benefit to the whole class and everyone can ask her for any changes made in the schedule or any important notice.
She seemed quite a boring girl, never going to the canteen was one of the reason which makes her so. Apart from it she was never heard to talk about the movies or music. One thing she ever seem interested in were books. She either discussed books or was seen looking for them in the annual book fair in the university or anywhere possible. She never attended any university parties as well.
What made her life possible to survive seemed quite undecipherable. She was always seen discussing lectures with her friends as well. And as far as tv was concerned, some weekend serials and bbc was what she watched. Her life was unimaginably boring.vargas1

Life is perfect, it seems a little boring from others point of view, but Sundays are always fun. I myself do not like public gathering and stuff but shopping is one thing I love and from books to clothes to grocery all are very interesting to me. Also I have a regular habit of blogging which makes it good. Even though it is all a little difficult to manage, with me coming back home at 5 pm and having to manage my studies and blogging all at once, weekends are always fun. My life might seem boring but I love the way it is.. 😀