Day: 29/01/2013


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Daily Prompt: Through the Window

Go to the nearest window. Look out for a full minute. Write about what you saw


Today’s daily prompt asked me to see through a window and write down what I saw in a minute. Hmm.. Not quite difficult, I can test my observing abilities.. I go to a nearest window, which is in my mom’s room. The view I came across was:

The balcony, that window directly opens in our balcony which is, these days, minus curtains plus a good view, but before I move on to the view, I see the grill, which has been recently given a fresh coat of paint exclusively by me, but I do not have time to admire my handiwork and I must move on to my point of focus.. The first thing I see is beautiful tree planted outside our building. Even though we’re not the ground floor, that tree has grown very past few years and covers quite a big space in front of our balcony. Next to it are neighbourhood buildings and a more distant view makes me see that something is being built at a distance, maybe another building.. And since I know that a hospital is at a distance, I can see cars parked in the parking area.. That is all I can see from that window, I wouldn’t usually glance outside from this window and go in the balcony instead but the prompt was one good chance to take a look at the window we only opened for fresh air and no view at all.. 🙂

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