Month: December 2011


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We are often used to of picking flaws in people, i’ve observed it as a general comment many make and instances can be found all around you, you showed a friend your dress and after making hasty comments as to how she liked it, she tries to display her dress designing skills by fingering certain misapplication on it and almost transforms it verbally into a new dress she just bought from a boutique, making you lose heart for that dress..

Another one is when a neighbour walks in, observes your newly renovated room and makes comments as to how she had set her house in a much impressive manner and that yours is just OK and would have looked amazing if you’d opted for the same coloured furniture..

All these are a routine comments, which are forgotten as fast as they are said but the point which is to be noticed is that variety is the spice of life, if all the people start wearing the same dress and decorating their house in a very same manner, it’ll all turn very monotonous.. Assortment in choices only results in the colours and flavours around us and it would have turned very boring if everything had been the same.. Everyone loves to tell how they should be followed because they were praised for their work but no one seems to come across the practicality of this and foresee the uniformity it might create.

The world is more vibrant with its mantra..” To each his own”, rather than being uniformly undistinctive.


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Social networking in its normal and well defined meanings is supposed to be communicting and keeping in touch amongst your fellow, friends or even a single person you know.. But if we re-define this term as per our lives, it is supposed to be in “so-called” touch with anyone we know, or sometimes we even do not know..!! A person using a social networking website is apparently connecting to his friends and fellows and others but is so unaware of its surrounding that he won’t even realise if anyone is talking to him. The computerized social networking is of good use if you are really communicating, but stupid and childish games of farms and cities gives you a reason to waste your time on a website like that  just  for no reason at all..!! Don’t you think that we must realize that there is more to internet than social networking ..??


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I was once told by a teacher that we learn from our mistakes, you should never regret your mistakes but learn from them. When this thought refreshed in my mind, i concluded that others can only observe our mistakes properly and can judge us on these parameters. Only the other day after this, we were told in our lecture hall that ‘OUR GENERATION’ is not as perfect as the previous ones and that we must recalibrate our attitudes.. I therefore decided to observe what are the problems our elders are capable of observing within us but we inadequately can’t observe even a single one.

I thus started browsing my mind for all those mistakes we make and came up with not only our generations “GLITCHES”, but was also able to justify all of them but one..

The first thing which clicked my mind was that we are often called rude by our elders, with that came a response from my mind that that’s not rude… That’s being straightforward.. Just because i can say what i think doesn’t make me rude at all.. And so this complain didn’t qualify as any particular problem our generation possesses..

Next to it was being stubborn and adamant about everything, but an echo with this was that clearing your point and explaining your wants as called stubborn, so be it..!!

Ego is yet another “vice” others tend to observe in our generation, yet i simply call it self-respect.. I’d rather go for my way or the highway than accepting anyone else’s terms and conditions.

After all these issues and their relevent reasons, i was quite satisfied and decided that i will never allow anyone to underestimate our generation at all.. But that very day.. I was told by one our lecturer that our generation is not ready to admit their mistakes.. That sentence came as a blow and i realized that, that’s what i’ve been doing, giving reasons for each and every flaw we have, and not apprehending even once that reasoning isn’t improving me from what we are, and the biggest glitch is not to understand and grasp our mistakes and this can’t either be reasoned for or even explained, correction is the only solution which should be followed in a case like that..!!


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Exams are a span of students life which makes them assess their capabilities. Even though i know and well understand the importance of exams, being a student, i seem to find various reasons to detest it somehow. Firstly and most importantly, the preparation; Preparing for the exam itself is a tough job with so many distractions like television and computer alongside. Once I overcome this trouble and somehow reach the examination hall, the numerous discussions and revisions of my fellows are a nerve-racking situation for me and only they are the reason to waver my confidence and create a flutter of butterflies in my stomach. After all these bouts of nervousness, when i lay my shaky hands on my exam paper and find out what is in store for me, my world swim before my eyes and i discover that the question paper is bombarded with questions far away from vaguest of my imagination and i presume only this paper pattern to be a barrier on my way to success. Regardless of all these circumstances when I prepare myself from heart and soul not only to prepare but appear and attempt this exam, the exam cancels due to some reason and all i am left with is an extended timetable to find solace in. All these reasons are to be blamed for my disapproval of exams, but I nevertheless underestimate the positive aspects it offers and try to train my mind into understanding its merits each day I am to face one.


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Life these days has turned very boring, not only for me but for a lot of people around me and near me, that is not because I am near them of course, in fact that is because we get bored with everything very easily. To rid ourselves of this boredom, the most preferred way is to watch a good movie on a weekend or some people even manage to watch a movie each day. Those people who watch a movie everyday does not seem to take an influence of these movies in their lives, but people like me, who could manage to watch very selective movies and that after very long intervals of time watch a movie so enthusiastically that they try to find the characters of those movies around them or turn into them more like.

I am a normal person, no matter how much I think that I don’t let these stupid english movies inspire me, can’t take refuge from their fascinating ideas and as a result I turned a day of my life into a complete havoc.

The story began when I woke up early in the morning to offer my prayers, I felt a weird sort of itching near my ankle of my right foot. I ignored it, not wishing to wear my spectacles at the moment because that would then turn me sleepless and I would not be able to catch an hour of sleep before going to uni. It was good that I decided to ignore it because that rest was the last best bit of the day left.

Being unaware of what was coming in my day ahead, I woke up after an hour, got ready and was leaving, when I realised the area which was itching like hell in the morning now bore two very identical marks, which were about 2mm in size each with a distance of about of 10-12 mm.

Now one glance at those marks, suddenly gave me a brain wave and I realised that i have seen such marks in movies, mythological pictures and read about them on mythological websites. These were clearly the markings of those who have just been bitten by a vampire!!! With this thought, my mind exploded with questions and ideas of intense diversity and i suddenly got excited. Definitely, the first question which came into my mind was that why was i not feeling empty and devoid of my soul? But then an answer erupted with the same vampire speed that my excitement is pretty much more than enough for now to fill in the space of my soul.. And who cares for a soul now that i have got ultimate super powers.

And with that excitement, i left for university to test my powers and make it memorable for the rest of my life…

For the first time in my life, i regretted having a van to pick me up, because i wanted to see what my speed was, but then thought that i’ll have plenty of other chances to observe that, right now i should go in van because if i would not, i’d be owing some explanation to the “VOLTURI” for not acting human and thus, grudgingly, i sat in the van.

While in the van, my head was buzzing with thoughts, i thought Woah man!! It sure is difficult to have to listen to so many thoughts at once and then commanded them to SHUT UP!! Right at that moment, i realised that i definitely could not read minds and those ideas were merely my own, asking me that what on earth, made a vampire to bite me on my foot? But then i thought that she might be in a hurry and thus she’d just let in enough venom to transform me, but the thought disappointed me that i’ve had no extra power.

Before leaving my house, I had double checked the colour of my eyes, to see what colour choices do I have, but no change made me think that probably being extra jubilant doesn’t change your eye colour and I might have turned into a vampire not a metamorphmagi to change my eye colour on will.

When I reached the university, I wished to check my strength and power; The first thing which came to my mind, to destroy, was my cell phone because it was now useless to me, I might have been able to reach any place instantaneously and so i started crushing my cell phone with my bare hands (because I’ve removed my gloves which I wore with a complete facial cover to hide my sparkly skin in the dazzling sunlight of Karachi), The cell phone did not crush but it sure left red marks of two keys of my cell phone on my palms. Disappointed again!! But I did not lose hope and thought that these powers might not have transferred initially & I haven’t watched the fourth part of Twilight in which Bella turned to a vampire and so I know not much of initial phases of transformations.

When my friend asked me what I was doing and why I was wearing so many winter clothes in the month of April, I responded quietly that I was suffering from fever and felt cold. I actually wanted her to check me for any signs of fever on my hand and forehead and shout aloud: Oh my God! Sam you are ice-cold… and she did exclaimed alright. But the words were not what I wanted to listen… In spite of it she mouthed, Oh my God Sam! You seem to have a very high fever, your skin is heated like hell!! Now this came as a real shock, but i was not going to give up. Since the day was short and soon it was time for me to leave for home. Not having eaten anything since morning because i thought that i won’t need any food now, i was feeling extremely hungry. But i again gave myself a feeble hope that it might’ve been because i’m not used to of it and this hunger might be that for blood.

While on my way to main gate which is very far from my department i found a tree, a tree near which no students were present, i again tried my luck, and started climbing it with much difficulty now that i’ve had gloves and all my scarves and stuff covering my face and sore fingers underneath the gloves. Failure embraced me once again and i fell down with a thud,due to which students from the nearby sports ground came to see the source of commotion and found me lying flat on my back. I stood up with all the confidence i could muster and after muttering to them that i didn’t see the tree ran away from the spot. That run had two reasons: First one was to run away from that humiliating situation whereas second one was to give one last shot to my exhilarating thought. I ran very fast, wanted to zoom, more like, but again, i fell down. This time my shoe lace was the hinderance. Girls now started to ask me who i was running from, wishing not to be interrogated yet again, I came out from the gate which was very near, crossed the overhead bridge and simply rode to my way home without further ado.

And from that day onwards i’d never think of these stupid mysteries because when i showed those marks to my mom, she told me that these were the result of a scratch of my new sandals.