This one or That one..??

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A dilemma I come across everyday in the evening is to decide my clothes for the next day. It is routine for me to open my cupboard, stand in front of it and gaze at my clothes to decide what will I be wearing tomorrow. It is not the lack of outfits which is confusing, no, it is my confusing mind which doesn’t allow me to decide or look up a dress for myself. This is what happens,

How about the black and orange one?
No, not this, this one’s got short sleeves and I don’t feel like wearing it today.
How about the puple one?
Nah, it needs alteration and I have been too busy last week to go to the tailor.
No problem, How about that cute dress you recently bought?
Too new, I am going to the university, not a fashion show.
How about that decent white one?
Too old, I do have a reputation you know!!
Fine, go for the black one then..
Just wore it last week.
The green one?
That one’s for day after tomorrow..
Fine, go ask mom.
I am not a child.
You are acting like one.
*Mom comes, picks up the Yellow one, and says ” How about this one honey?”
and I am all like, “Why didn’t I see this, damn..!! Thanks mom.”
That was easy, now who is going to press it??
Hey bro, can you do me a favour… PLEASEEEE???


Aren’t we mean?

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“No matter how good and sincerely you behave with people around you,they will always love you according to their need and mood.”
I came across this line yesterday when I was going through my sisters cell phone, this was a text someone had sent her. This text made me realize that people will love me according to their mood and need only because I will do the same.. It is my believe that human nature is mean. I have deduced from several happenings of my own life and of others life as well. We are all enslaved by our wishes and needs. From birth till death, we all thrive for our survival by using others. The first ones ever we use for our own good are our parents, we do say we love them, and there sure is a bond of attachment with them but we also know that we cannot leave them, for the loss will be our own, we love them, not just only purely but there is a matter of need in between. It sounds quite rude but it is the truth. Each and everything we do is for our own good; We study, because we know that it will secure our future, we make friends, because we cannot live alone, in school we need someone to be with and someone to help, and even otherwise we can’t stay alone for a very long time, so we need friends to prevent depression, we even help each other because we know that this help might be returned in form of a favour, we pray because we know that there are things out of our control and we need God/Allah to take care of us, so we ask him for everything we need, and even when we pray to thank Him we know deep down that His generosity is there and that He will grant us the better. In short, if we take a look around us, we do everything for our own self, love does exist, but we have to admit that we are mean. If someone is mean to us, we are also mean to someone else.. Only love which is true is that of God’s/Allah’s to us and that of out parents, who won’t get anything  by raising or taking care of us, but are always there for us..grinch

The View From My Side Of The Window.

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Open Window
This post is NOT about a journey in a train in which I was sitting by the window.. It is about the fact that everyone have their own parameters for judging any particular thing. This thing is not something unusual or something that has never crossed someone else’s mind, but I truly realized the importance of varying parameters after going to the university. In order to get a general picture of the teaching criteria, we started asking our seniors about teachers and their exam paper criteria, and we were quite satisfied by the way they guided us, but the satisfaction was replaced by confusion when all the things they told us were proving to be wrong in one way or another. I do not mean to say in any way that they misguided us or lied to us because our seniors are very friendly and kind. But I did conclude from my experience that everyone have their own idea of right or wrong and good or bad in some concerns. Those thing which are like a clear cuboid and everyone have exactly the same view from different sides of it cannot be judged differently, because everyone is seeing the same thing, there are no spots to be pointed out and no colour strokes which might have varying shades, for instance, the truth, which will be the same for everyone, we cannot object to the fact that sunrises in the east, or that there are 24 hours in a day, but when it comes to things which are varying or at least can have a differing view-point for several people we cannot judge each others opinion. How can we judge/criticize a person’s dressing sense ever? He is wearing what he likes, we cannot say it is good or bad because no one would want to look bad on purpose, and they might not approve of my dress either, nor can I judge his/her personality from their clothes completely! A single person can have a different attitude from different people, so we cannot completely judge them in that case either, some might say he is the best person they’ve ever met and some might find him the worse person to come across..
I think your judgment of a person completely depends on you position, either you are sitting by the widow, or you standing somewhere just having a look on the window from a distance or maybe you’ve just heard how a window looks like and you mistook a painting for a window.. It all depends on where you are standing..