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imagesThis is officially my hundredth post, I have been writing since 22 December 2011, so its been 20 months of my blogging. Even though it is a long time to complete a hundred posts, but I wasn’t a much active blogger initially and it took me almost a year to discover the daily post, so after starting on the daily prompts, my writing speed and skills both flourished. When I had done my seventy posts, I was sure that it’ll be a month and I will be done with my 100 posts, but it was not that easy, why, because, after that day, it took me more than 2 months to complete because of my work load, and other stuff. Even though I had not started my blog with a target of a 100 posts it feels great that I have managed it and I also feel shocked about some of the things which I have actually written myself. 😀

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Daily Prompt: Impossibility

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” – the White Queen, Alice in Wonderland.

What are the six impossible things you believe in?

If I believe in it , it is not impossible for me, even though it sounds cliché it says I-AM-POSSIBLE to me if I believe in it. 🙂

The View From My Side Of The Window.

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Open Window
This post is NOT about a journey in a train in which I was sitting by the window.. It is about the fact that everyone have their own parameters for judging any particular thing. This thing is not something unusual or something that has never crossed someone else’s mind, but I truly realized the importance of varying parameters after going to the university. In order to get a general picture of the teaching criteria, we started asking our seniors about teachers and their exam paper criteria, and we were quite satisfied by the way they guided us, but the satisfaction was replaced by confusion when all the things they told us were proving to be wrong in one way or another. I do not mean to say in any way that they misguided us or lied to us because our seniors are very friendly and kind. But I did conclude from my experience that everyone have their own idea of right or wrong and good or bad in some concerns. Those thing which are like a clear cuboid and everyone have exactly the same view from different sides of it cannot be judged differently, because everyone is seeing the same thing, there are no spots to be pointed out and no colour strokes which might have varying shades, for instance, the truth, which will be the same for everyone, we cannot object to the fact that sunrises in the east, or that there are 24 hours in a day, but when it comes to things which are varying or at least can have a differing view-point for several people we cannot judge each others opinion. How can we judge/criticize a person’s dressing sense ever? He is wearing what he likes, we cannot say it is good or bad because no one would want to look bad on purpose, and they might not approve of my dress either, nor can I judge his/her personality from their clothes completely! A single person can have a different attitude from different people, so we cannot completely judge them in that case either, some might say he is the best person they’ve ever met and some might find him the worse person to come across..
I think your judgment of a person completely depends on you position, either you are sitting by the widow, or you standing somewhere just having a look on the window from a distance or maybe you’ve just heard how a window looks like and you mistook a painting for a window.. It all depends on where you are standing..


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50%2Whenever we discuss the possibility of any happening, we try to estimate the chances by estimating the percentage.. Discussing the percentage estimation do give us some idea as to what might happen.. But to me saying that there is a 50% chance of something happening does not exist.. There are many instances of this statement..  First one, as I see, is a cricket match.. the game going neck to neck and while discussing the possibility of any one team winning, anyone says 50% chances of Pakistan to win against India..!! Now what does this precisely mean..?? 50% chance here means that both have an equal chance to win the game, which means you cannot assess where the game is going.. Another one is when you go for shopping, like a dress, you like it and at the same time you find it unaffordable, how can you ever guess, at that moment if you will buy it or not..!! This also happens when you are not sure what have you done in your exam and you are all like.. 50% chances I’ll nail it, but in your brain is like “psst, 50% chances you might fail”.  I am not saying that 50% doesn’t exist, it does, when it comes to dividing stuff, when your cell phone battery is half full, and even when its 50% off  on your favourite product,50%1  but when it’s about judging the circumstances, 50% doesn’t give me a clue and i am completely at sea as to what does 50% actually mean.. But I would love to know if there is any possibility of a 50% happening..