Admit It.

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Daily Prompt: Sad But True

Tell us about the harshest, most difficult to hear — but accurate — criticism you’e ever gotten. Does it still apply?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us HARSH

Hmm.. Writing that would be actually to reveal my worst habit, but any ways, wouldn’t mind doing that.

The thing which I am most criticized about is actually my way of saying things. what mean to say hear is that I am often told that, Samia, your point is fairly OK, but you have a way of expressing it which is not approved my most. I actually have a very bad habit of pulling faces about things or people I don’t like, and it comes out when I opine about them, my words are not harsh, no, nor am I wrong, but my tone, as others tell me, is too harsh too digest.

NO Unfair.

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Daily Prompt: No Fair

Tell us about something you think is terribly unfair — and explain how you would rectify it.

Unfair. if I would be asked to enlighten this subject from my own ppoint of view, I would have a lot to say on the subject. There are a thousand things in our life which seem unfair to us, and some of them might as well be really bitter, but one thing which soothes me with the unfair of life is that everything which is happening have a reason. even though those things which are human controlled and are of a criminal sttus can be called unfair without hesitation, but those which have been written in fate and decided by the destiny, will not be unfair no matter how wrong they seem. Atime will come when all will fall into place and the jigsaw will be solved. So, Cheers. 🙂


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Daily Prompt: Thank You

The internet is full of rants. Help tip the balance: today, simply be thankful for something (or someone).

Photographers, artists, poets: show us THANKS.

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There are a lot of things and people to be thankful for at a large scale, but if I get to the point and thank something very nearby, it’ll be none other than the internet, wi-fi, and the notebook  I am writing from, I really cannot refrain myself from appreciating these things simply because all the blogging, my home work, how I keep up with interesting scientific news and the last and the least, facebook, due to the above given 3 facilities. Even though we all have a lot to say as to how internet is wasting our time, I will not deny the fact that it is due to this facility that we are more connected, more informed and more concious what is going on..

Moving on.

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Daily Prompt: Groundhog Day

In the comedy “Groundhog Day” Bill Murray experienced the same day again and again, stuck in a time loop until he got the day “right.” What day would you choose to repeat until you got it right?

I wouldn’t want any day of my life to be repeated, because I have a reason to believe that if I can’t do it right for the first time, I will not be able to do it for the second time, besides, I will also forget the lesson I learnt from doing it wrong and yet learn a new ways to make mistake in that attempt. So I think life is best when left going on..!!images

Potion Perfect.

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Daily Prompt: Dulled

You encounter a mysterious man offering you a magic potion that, once sipped, will make one of your senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch) super sharp — but dull the others. Will you sip it, and if so, what sense do you choose?


I will never sip an anonymous “potion”, given by an anonymous man, which would make most of my senses dull. Nah!  Why is that so? The answer is simple, in fact there are multiple reasons for me to do so.

First of all, taking something from someone unknown, and then ingest it, with a full blow risk of losing most of my senses is not a good idea for a pessimist like me,

Secondly, this list doesn’t have the sense I would like to sharpen, i.e, mind or to be more accurate, co-relating stuff, and using common sense, so this potion is not a good idea for me, I am perfectly happy with my senses. All I want to sharpen is my mind, and that for improving myself in my studies and life as well, so this potion is no use for me.

A Glass Of..??

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Daily Prompt: The Glass

Is the glass half-full, or half-empty?images

To me it is always half empty. I am an extremely pessimistic person and can assume the worst of the happenings in seconds. But from a general point of view, what matters is not how much the glass is filled, the thing that matters is, that what is the length of the glass and that what is in the glass, water, poison, or strawberry milkshake (my personal  favourite;))?

Never in my life, EVER!!

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Daily Prompt: No, Thanks

Is there a place in the world you never want to visit? Where, and why not?

There is one such place i”ve once visited as a child and would never ever want to visit again in my memory or in reality. That place, surprisingly, is a typical fun fair or as we call it a “MELA” here in Pakistan..  The things I saw there were horrid, in the sense that there were bikers  running on circular walls with the speed of their bikes extremely high.. that sight was enough for me lose my head and I did not like a thing after that. Actually I am a sort of a person who cannot tolerate such unsafe acts even if they are in video or computer games, seeing this stuff right in front of my eyes by the name of “The Well of Death” was too much for me and I had decided that night when I went to bed that I will never ever visit it again in my life, and even if I had to, I’ll never head to that absurd thing, NO. So even if in my life i’ll be bored to death and that would be my last option for the so called entertainment, I will never visit it..

I found this image on google just to give an idea as to what it actually looks like..
I found this image on google just to give an idea as to what it actually looks like..