Nagging Losses

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downloadIt has been a very long time since I last wrote for this blog. Even though I’ve been writing for my own self a little here and there, the blog have been neglected for long, reason being my final year of the university. I don’t even have a lot to write today even though a lot had been going on for the past year. Now coming towards the point of what had been going on in my mind to write, is not a new story, rather it had happened a air few months back, but it had been in my mind and I realized, how differently our brain works, and some unanswered questions may be nagging for a very long time..

Coming to the point of it, a few months back, we went for a dinner on a Sunday, and we’d decided to go for typical Pakistani roadside barbecue (sounds weird for a microbiologist, but I can’t help loving the food that particular place has to offer). Everything went fine but when we were about to leave, we saw a guy looking for something on the road, along with his friends, we’d been seeing him do that for around 15 minutes and this thing made us all very curious, when we asked him as to what he’d lost, he told us that he’d lost thousands of Rupees (in Saudi Riyal) and he was looking for it. We searched a little and then left, but for some unknown reason it keeps on nagging me either he’d found it or not, and this is not because I”d feel sorry for him a lot, but because few things, specially the lost things are always the most nagging ones to me, and the idea that where were all the time I didn’t have them?

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