Evil Within Ourselves.

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Our lives are surrounded by a variety of movies, books and stories. As the busiest and the most intelligent species thriving on this planet, we love to be entertained, and this entertainment usually does come in the form of a good movie weekend or a nice book. It is so because these things offer us an escape from our real world and allow us to go through a different expedition each time we explore a new one. The best part about this entire journey is the fact that it allows us to be judgemental, not only toward how good the book/movie is rather about who’s the good guy and who’s the villain. We can clearly see who’s right  and who’s wrong and we definitely want the “HERO” to triumph over the “VILLAIN” in order to make it a happy ending of our choice.

This routine processing of our brains in general made me ponder over a specific attitude of humans, which is, that,

“We are very much capable of judging good from evil when presented in a self explanatory manner, but we definitely do not have a sight to see the evil within ourselves”

I say that because whenever we consider any situation of our very own life “co-starring” other people near us, we always think of ourselves as the Hero of the story, seeing a villain in those we do not like. We do not intend to think, for even once, that we may be acting as a typical bad guy for someone, ruining their situation and disturbing their story. Some may call this human nature, but I believe that it is also in the nature of a human to change oneself, have a flexibility in ones mind to accept, at least for once that yes, I am wrong, and that I was being unreasonable, even though that does seem impossible, but conquering this, can only make us the Hero we want to feel inside ourselves.

..It All Ends..

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Movies are a source of entertainment for most of the people these days.. Action, comedy, romantic comedy, thriller and fiction are just a few genres we usually come across and find an escape in from our daily life.. But one thing i have noticed since my childhood in all those moves either Indian, American or Britain, they all end up having a happy ending..
In the beginning we are convinced by the fact that the movie we are watching is close to real life.. One might as well try to imagine all that stuff to be possible but in the end, it all comes down to the fact that worst of the worst villain either apologizes, or die, or might even get jailed..

Happy end
Now the continuation of this post might make the readers feel that i am a pessimist sort of person but the truth is that this is what i have observed and all these things have been running in my mind for more than six months when i watched KARATE KID.. I do not mean to criticize or point that movie out but it just made me realize that when the movie was about to end and everything was absolutely a bummer, i was still sure of the fact that the kid will pull out a miracle and be winner.. I mean, now come on..!!! How can we ever believe that everything that happens can have a perfect happy ending.. I have observed that there is a twist in the story and everything gets perfect, but i believe in the fact that a flip over can also be negative and change all the things you like to the thing you might dislike..
I do believe that movies are a source of entertainment and relaxation, but I also believe in the fact that some truth would cause no harm.. One must be able to see at least what is the worse case scenario.. It is not always about having a happy end, sometimes its about truth, reality, and the negative happenings of life..