A Virtual Dilemma!

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imagesA file here, another there, a “New Folder” propped open on one side, 5th copy of the picture I just scanned, wait.. A whole bunch of the these copied pictures, and not just a single one in fact multiple copies poking out of different sites. This is just the beginning of the Pandora box! So far I was coming across files being copied once, or twice or maybe just five to eight times, but at least their labels were self-explanatory, the next thing I unearth is a file having a weird, yes weird assortment of documents and pictures and files I do not even remember compiling. Going through the history tries to remind me they belong to a time four years back, being compiled for the reasons must-have-been-known-to-me-but-aren’t.

This story is not about how I keep my stuff in my cupboard, No! It actually depicts my situation of a few hours back when I tried to rid my digital system of all the unnecessary files and folders. It was a Pandemonium, a silent one, of course, but I discovered such fascinating stuff which I never could have imagined was collected by me if it wouldn’t have been my own system. Files upon files of notes, which have been printed and stored in hard copies ages ago, stupid and idiotic pictures clicked by excitement, uploaded on  facebook but forgotten all the same. Folders revealing research articles downloaded for presentation purposes but never read or even opened except for the moment they were downloaded to check their length only. The situation doesn’t end here, in fact it haven’t even started when I connect my USB and go through it!

All this made me realize that I might be very careful while handling my stuff in the real world, making disapproving noises and snide comments at those who are messy at a level beyond my tolerance range, but as soon as I enter the virtual world, I do not allow my neat-freak mind to take over, making copies of stuff I do not want and storing things which will never be of any use to me, even if stored for an entire lifetime. I do not consider the fact that occupying that space for such stuff is making me get more and more USBs ultimately claiming a little but space all the same in my real neat world. Even if that point is ignored, the worst part is to clear that stuff out which demands time and energy and a greater amount of perseverance to admit the fact that I COLLECTED THIS JUNK!!


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Daily Prompt: Freaky Friday

You experience your own Freaky Friday, and switch bodies with someone you love/hate. Tell us what happens.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us CHANGE.

Someone to change my body with would be someone I would be so desperate to know the secrets of that I would allow that one person to spend a day in my body as well, though preferably,I would like that person to be unconscious for the entire day..

Anyway, the one person I am talking about was once a very good friend, but I gradually realized her intentions and even though it is not visible that I do not approve of her, I would really love to know the secrets of her life, and since all those are secrets I cannot exactly tell about the day I spent in her life, but I would really love to get the back of her one of those days.


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Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror

Finish this sentence: “When I look in the mirror, I . . . “


I look in the mirror, I see my face, regardless of whichever room I am in, background is not what is focused to me. This seems a little selfish, but I do see myself, but I do not ask the mirror who is the prettiest of all, no, nor do I assume this, in fact I start searching for spots and pimples if I see as much as a little mark from the distant, and if the is one, I am almost inside the mirror within a few minutes with my nose touching it. Actually I am extremely concious f the spots and marks and therefore I do keep a check on my face.


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Daily Prompt: Never

Tell us about a thing you’ll never write about.

I will never write about my personal problems on the internet, NO! I often write about exams and life and other things as well, but I have never written, nor will I ever write about my personal woes. Problems, according to me are an examination in life which one shouldn’t advertise about and I would prefer in keeping such things quiet which would expose my weaker points to everyone..


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Daily Prompt: Nightmares

Describe the last nightmare you remember having. What do you think it meant?


A nightmare which can qualify as one of the things which is logical but which I would never want to happen in my life is the one when I miss my van due to waking up late. This nightmare had been haunting me for more than two years, its frequency increasing specially in vacations, when I desperately feel the need to go back to my routine life. Now losing the van can be a nightmare due to the fact that this happening will be followed by losing the classes for the day, or I’ll have to go by public transport which is more hectic. A simpler option, to go for is to ask my dad to drop me off which he’ll be glad to do, but the problem with this choice is that I wouldn’t him to worry about me or waste his time for me. Also that he’ll have to go off route for this and this’ll be another thing. He is always happy to drop me off and I have at times asked him to do that, but being late for my van, due to my own fault doesn’t qualify as an appropriate reason to me, and the result of losing the bus would 90% be the loss of lectures which I wouldn’t want.

This one or That one..??

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A dilemma I come across everyday in the evening is to decide my clothes for the next day. It is routine for me to open my cupboard, stand in front of it and gaze at my clothes to decide what will I be wearing tomorrow. It is not the lack of outfits which is confusing, no, it is my confusing mind which doesn’t allow me to decide or look up a dress for myself. This is what happens,

How about the black and orange one?
No, not this, this one’s got short sleeves and I don’t feel like wearing it today.
How about the puple one?
Nah, it needs alteration and I have been too busy last week to go to the tailor.
No problem, How about that cute dress you recently bought?
Too new, I am going to the university, not a fashion show.
How about that decent white one?
Too old, I do have a reputation you know!!
Fine, go for the black one then..
Just wore it last week.
The green one?
That one’s for day after tomorrow..
Fine, go ask mom.
I am not a child.
You are acting like one.
*Mom comes, picks up the Yellow one, and says ” How about this one honey?”
and I am all like, “Why didn’t I see this, damn..!! Thanks mom.”
That was easy, now who is going to press it??
Hey bro, can you do me a favour… PLEASEEEE???



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Daily Prompt: Apply Yourself

Describe your last attempt to learn something that did not come easily to you.


My last attempt to learn something was at trying to learn how to patch those buttons up which have either broken or went throughsomething which separated them from my beloved clothes, and my failing attempts to sew my those clothes which have been torn inone way or another. I am extremely lousy with “THREADS AND NEEDLES”, I just cannot get the hang of stitches and sewing. On one such occasion I had to get the sleeve of my shirt repaired which had torn due to improper stitching by my tailor, as I had no other choice than to do it myself, I got started on it and ended up crying and mentally preparing myself to lose that dress forever, but thanks to my mom who helped in that troubled time and just did that shirt for me. Apart from this stitching attempt, last time I remember I had brought a dress which had button holes on it but no buttons attached. As it was from a whole-sale market I simply had no margin to complain and yet again I had to make attempts either to convince my sister to do that for me or getting it done by myself. My sister is great with this stuff and she generally takes interest in this stuff, but I guess that was the time for me to learn something and therefore I had no choice but to do that work all by myself. 8 buttons, yes all 8 buttons stitched by my hands and the end result consisted of :

1. Buttons on my dress.

2. My fingers all punctured..!!