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Daily Prompt: Connect the Dots

Scour the news for an entirely uninteresting story. Consider how it connects to your life. Write about that.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us a CONNECTION.


The news piece referred here is of a typhoon Haiyan in Philippines,  even though it sounds extremely in sensitive to say that one is unconcerned about such a natural disaster. I couldn’t help finding myself unconcerned, yet related to this news. The reason is that I have my exams in almost a week, and I think that right now, it is no less than a sort of storm to me. I haven’t prepared the whole semester and now that I am starting to prepare, I have had a headache in my left temple and its absolutely stopping me from studying, making my worries and headache go proportionally high.

A lamely Post.

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I haven’t written anything for a long time, the reason for it as usual, were my exams, even though I had prepared for the exams throughout the semester, this were the toughest one offered by the university(I wouldn’t have signed up for this course if I’d known it was that difficult), but anyway I am now through them and relieved. I must also share here that I had my last exam, last week but I was too lazy to tap on my thoughts, visit Pottermore, start on my chores, or even get started on the new book I had bought in the beginning of the semester and I was really looking forward to reading, but anyway, I am back in my stride and have started to do all what I had planned earlier, quite unlike my previous vacations.. I know that this post is not something very interesting and much about the babble of what I’ve been doing, but I really felt like writing something and daily prompts were not something I really wanted to write about.. There are a few things I would like to share though, I signed up at lumosity, it is a very good website which offers brain train games, I know it is really a lame post, but I really felt like writing something and this is all I came up with.

In the Dead of the Night.

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Daily Prompt: The Clock

Write about anything you’d like. Somewhere in your post, include the sentence, “I heard the car door slam, and immediately looked at the clock.”


I was running very fast trying to get my class, but as much as I tried to be fast, my feet slowed down, it seemed that my feet were in a slow motion sort of thing and I really was unable to understand it.
I sat up straight, looked around, the room was exactly the same way I saw it last time, my bedside lamp was alight and cool summer breeze was ventilating the room well. The fan on the ceiling was rotating at a moderate speed. Perfect. I poured myself a glass of water from the jug which was also placed on my bedside table, I gulped the water and lied down, my mind wandered off to my family, they all might be truly enjoying the wedding they were gone to attend, they also asked me to come but since my final exams were due only this week I could not at all think of going anywhere. Being alone was never fearsome for me, having my own self for company for a few hours was a routine and that for few a days was also OK. My mom had told me all about.. I suddenly heard a car door slam, and immediately looked at the clock. It was three in the morning and my mind raced to all kind of criminals. Smugglers, burglars, terrorists, all of them. I decided on burglars and “HOME ALONE” crossed my mind. Yes, someone might have seen my family going, and I had almost grounded myself in the house for the past week due to preparation leaves. I picked up my cell phone to call the police, SHOOT, the battery was dead, soon after I talked to my sister, it went dead and I forgot to charge it afterwards. I got my shawl and wrapped it tightly around myself, even though I was drenched to the skin and had slept in my day clothes and it was a summer evening, the shawl gave me a sense of security, I had almost reached the balcony when I heard some people talking in hushed voices, I just wanted to see their position and get to my parent’s room because the landline phone was placed there, I crossed my room tiptoed, my shawl trailing behind me like a cape, and all of a sudden a horrible clanking noise struck my ears from right behind me, my shawl actually touched the spoon stand on the table behind me and it fell with an ear-splitting noise, I was sure now that they’ll sense my presence, will come for me up here instantaneously, and my entire life swam before my eyes, I was about to lose hope, but then I decided to try until my last breath and moved a little quickly towards the balcony, the noise grew louder and louder as I reached it and I was about to pass out but I managed to keep myself awake and swung the balcony door open, I crawled (because I didn’t want to be seen) towards the grill and saw what was going on. No one was in the parking, but the voices were still loud, I gathered all the courage I had and stood up to my full height. All that commotion was created due to the end of some party which was going on in my neighbourhood.. I looked at my wrist watch again, it was four in the morning, I had wasted an hour, creating an imaginary robbery in which I was caught and if I hadn’t sneaked a peak from the balcony, I’d probably be dead in my own created story.


10 minutes to go..!!

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Daily Prompt: Ready, Set Go

Set a timer for ten minutes. Open a new post. Start the timer, and start writing. When the timer goes off, publish.


10 minutes to write a post, I take a look on the clock on the screen of my notebook, it says: 07:10 PM. What can I write about? There is not just any one thing going through my mind right now.. I glance at it again.. 2 minutes have passed.. Wow, this is way more easier than walking everyday for 25 minutes, where a minute goes on and on and I just can’t wait for all the 25 minutes to pass..!! Writing sure is easy than walking.. The next thing which is coming to my mind right now is that I just posted something, and I hope it’ll be a good read.. 5 minutes have passed..!! 🙂 Now the next thing in my mind is that I am now in the toughest year of my educational career( I am not saying this, my teachers told me that) and I have a file to arrange, lectures to study and maybe a few reference books to go through if I’ll have enough time after these two things to get done. Also that weekend is round the corner, which is making me lazy to do all that, plus interesting T.V shows and I have lost the track of my studies..
Last thing to mention in this post now that only 2 minutes are left now.. I cleared my 4th semester.. I was not hoping since my exams were not up to a scratch but still i scraped 3.0 GPA, not my usual, but at least I passed.. With that I am done and I have taken a few seconds over 10 min.. Cheers.. 🙂
P.S: My typing speed is very slow..


Phobia of losing my Stationery..!!

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Stationery, according to dictionary.com includes writing materials, as pens, pencils, paper, and envelopes etc.. I am a kind of person who would habitually share my stuff with my siblings but sharing anything bothers me it is my stationery.. Yes!! I can never allow my siblings (even though they are not kids anymore) to touch my stationery without my permission.. One would think that the reason behind this could be that I am trying to hide something from them or that my diary is kept with that stuff, but this is not the case, no..!!st I have already hidden my diary somewhere they do not know and cannot even think of, and as far as hiding other stuff, everything I have got is transparent, not literally of course, but in a manner that they know all about my belongings.. It’s just that I do not like anyone touching even the oldest of my pencil, unless I am ready to dispose it off and it is of no good use to me.. I have no idea as to why I am like this, but even when I am not working with my things i like to keep them untouched.. I like them residing on my study  table rather than in someone else’s hands, even if they are in the middle of anything important, I would just go on and grab it from them like a maniac.. My siblings often tell me that I am getting more and more obsessed with my stationery and that I should give it a rest.. It is true that  the fanaticism becomes mild during the vacations and I can occasionally be generous to offer my pen to them, but during the classes or exams, the syndrome is at its peak and hey know very well that to wake my wrath, all the have to do is to pick an eraser from my table and I’ll gt started as to how I have protected that “little one” from getting lost a thousandth time last week.. This post gives my image as an extremely miser person, or the one with a very low allowance, but both these things are not true.. I have a very good allowance and as for the stationery, we keep a stock of it at home so we don’t have to buy any again and again, and I am not a miser because I can easily spend money on things, it doesn’t bother me to spend money.. All that matters is that I don’t want to lose my stationery..!!!

I’ve been want…

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I’ve been wanting to write again for long but was unable to do so due to two major reaseons.. One of them and a major one
was exams, the second one, however, was post-exam euphoria.
The exams, since now, only were a matter of two months, a month for preparation, and another for performance, but things have
changed lately..

Exams are now like a ferocious tornado which hurls us through it. The storm begins with the mid terms, continues to practicals and
finally end up on the terminla exams.. Exams can be faced easily if they are scheduled properly, but given a horrible schedule and feel like
you are facing one of those ACTIVATION ENERGY graphs from chemistry, which cannot have any alternate pathway becuse there
is no margin for a catalyst in the reaction, having felt the pure exam pressure, i realised that no google image can explain me, so this
time i drew my own graph which is somehow understandable and shows the effort level of students during the entire bunch of
examination they face.

But now that i’m done with all the exams any university can come up for a semester and i am also over my euphoria.. I guess i’ll haveImageto set-up a vacation routine and do something which is productive for my self but not dangerous for others. 😉


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Exams are a span of students life which makes them assess their capabilities. Even though i know and well understand the importance of exams, being a student, i seem to find various reasons to detest it somehow. Firstly and most importantly, the preparation; Preparing for the exam itself is a tough job with so many distractions like television and computer alongside. Once I overcome this trouble and somehow reach the examination hall, the numerous discussions and revisions of my fellows are a nerve-racking situation for me and only they are the reason to waver my confidence and create a flutter of butterflies in my stomach. After all these bouts of nervousness, when i lay my shaky hands on my exam paper and find out what is in store for me, my world swim before my eyes and i discover that the question paper is bombarded with questions far away from vaguest of my imagination and i presume only this paper pattern to be a barrier on my way to success. Regardless of all these circumstances when I prepare myself from heart and soul not only to prepare but appear and attempt this exam, the exam cancels due to some reason and all i am left with is an extended timetable to find solace in. All these reasons are to be blamed for my disapproval of exams, but I nevertheless underestimate the positive aspects it offers and try to train my mind into understanding its merits each day I am to face one.