20-ONE on 20-FIRST.!!

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This is a special birthday post though a little belated, there are several reasons for this post to be special:

  • The first one is well explained in the title.
  • The second one is that even though, I’ve never much understood the reason for celebrating the birthday, this birthday was celebrated at 12, i.e , exactly at 12’o Clock*
  • The best one, this was my birthday in Ramadan.

*Actually, we, by we I mean Me and my siblings have always celebrated our birthdays a week before or after the birthday, the reason being a nerdy one, i.e we didn’t want the birthdays to come in our way of going to the school next morning, since as a child it is always difficult to wake up early If you are sleeping late.

Why do I never get the point of celebrate it, yet I have celebrated it for each and every year of my life, I still think that losing a year of your life isn’t a reason to celebrate, yet the thought that I won’t be celebrating is a little upsetting, may be because we always want a reason to celebrate. 🙂

And after this hasty post, I definitely need to mention that this is my 90th post and I am so glad to blog long enough to write the 90th one on my birthday, and also, that I d not usually use computer in Ramadan but this is an added birthday bonus which I thought to use up for my birthday post. I do have some ideas whirring in my brains for more posts even now, but I’ll be writing those after Eid InshaaAllah. 🙂

I turned 21 on this 21st of July.
I turned 21 on this 21st of July.