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Eat to Live.

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Daily Prompt: Seconds!

Describe the most satisfying meal you’ve ever eaten in glorious detail.

As long as its food, its satisfying. 😉 This sounds a little boring but the truth is that I  love food, to eat and to cook, both are my favourite, and the best meal I’ve ever eaten is not just one. On one account, it was a high tea in a very well reputed hotel of the city, on another, it was a dinner in a small restaurant which offers amazing traditional food, followed by a coffee on a very good coffee spot.Healthy-eating

Eating out is not always ever the best meal. Food cooked by my mom at our home are no less. My mom cooks amazing food, and we often prefer to have a home cooked meal rather than eating anywhere outside. And it’s not just that she can cook only the regular food, but she can cook a variety of things which are always THE BEST.

In short, the best meal to me is like good food, offered at a good, as in a hygenically accepted(since I’m becoming a microbiologist) place, giving me the satisfaction that I am blessed. 🙂