Day: 16/10/2013


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hd_100135280_01It have always been curious about bags. Curious in the sense that I have an itch to know what is hidden in others’ bags and also in a manner that I always find all those bags extremely attractive which I do not own! the weird thing about me and my bag is that I love to put everything, and that is to say absolutely everything inside it. Once upon a time I had a habit of carrying a bag for university largest of all the bags of my class fellow which not only contained my books, water bottle and other university essentials, along with all the stupid things like lip balm, sunscreen, extra books for work and all. But that is just something most people could do. On another occasion, in college, I was required only to take a pencil case for myself, I don’t quite remember what I had in my bag at that time, but I remember a friend saying that, “Samia, if it would have been possible for you, you would carry your entire house in this bag”. Apart from the university, whenever I am asked to go even for a movie, I am bound to carry almost my entire make-up box, for no reason because I know that they do remain untouched until I touch them to place them where they belong. In short I have a very bad habit of filling my bag to bulge even when its not require. This can only come in handy when we have to go to a trip, which haven’t been since 2005.