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It has almost been a month since my last post, except for that special birthday one. Now this, yet again is a special post again because its an EID post. Here I am going to share a few very traditional parts of this celebrating festival of the Muslim Ummah. Even though Ramadan itself is a festive month for us, because of the fasts, iftar, sehar and all, EID is a celebrating occassion and a gift from Allah for fasting for one whole month without an interruption, and is celebrated at the beginning of the 10th Month of the Muslim lunar calendar. Enough introduction, I guess, I’d better move on to a reflection of its true colours.

The special part of my and my sister’s eid dresses

1) It begins on the Chand Raat (The evening when the moon is sighted), Muslims all over start preparing for the next day after the announcement of the moon being sighted. Ladies all over gets their hands  decorated with henna either at home or visit the stalls which are specially set up for henna prints for EID. Apart from it, they also buy bangles to match their EID dresses,DSC05124



2) The next day, its Eid, which begins with men heading towards Mas’jid and offering their EID prayers, dressed in  their best, on the other hand, ladies get ready, prepare sheer khurma(The special milk sweet prepared for EID), the lunch feast, and snacks for the guests.

My Eid Dress.
My Eid Dress.

3) After the EID Prayers, Its time for the Sheer khurma, and also for the relatives to visit each other. Infact, this is one time of the year when relatives and neighbours do not require to call each other before visiting.

Sheer Khurma (Sweet milk with dry fruits)
Sheer Khurma (Sweet milk with dry fruits)

4) The guests are served with a variety of snacks.

Snacks to serve
Snacks to serve

5) The next part is the festive lunch, where the family dines together and after eating the lunch after a month, its time for some nap, which is the best part.DSC05173

The guests visits continues for 2 days, with sweet meat as a gift for their hosts and continue exchange gifts as the Eid is a 3 day festivity and also that people have varying routines, such as those visiting are the hosts for the next two days.DSC05193

In short, the EID is an amazing festival where all the Muslims, after the holy month of Ramadan celebrate in their different yet traditional manner, but being one united Muslim nation all the same.

So, EID MUBARAK to all the Muslims out there. 😀

P.S: All the pics in this post were exclusively taken on EID day at my place.