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Daily Prompt: Nightmares

Describe the last nightmare you remember having. What do you think it meant?


A nightmare which can qualify as one of the things which is logical but which I would never want to happen in my life is the one when I miss my van due to waking up late. This nightmare had been haunting me for more than two years, its frequency increasing specially in vacations, when I desperately feel the need to go back to my routine life. Now losing the van can be a nightmare due to the fact that this happening will be followed by losing the classes for the day, or I’ll have to go by public transport which is more hectic. A simpler option, to go for is to ask my dad to drop me off which he’ll be glad to do, but the problem with this choice is that I wouldn’t him to worry about me or waste his time for me. Also that he’ll have to go off route for this and this’ll be another thing. He is always happy to drop me off and I have at times asked him to do that, but being late for my van, due to my own fault doesn’t qualify as an appropriate reason to me, and the result of losing the bus would 90% be the loss of lectures which I wouldn’t want.


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