Crisis Management Level: ZERO!

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Daily Prompt: In a Crisis

Honestly evaluate the way you respond to crisis situations. Are you happy with the way you react?


Whenever in a crisis, I panick extremely quickly.. Just the gist of something bad coming up and I lose my senses and start to be pessimistic all along. The worst thing I start doing right after I come across a crisis is that I start crying.. Now this extremely makes me and others around me more worried not only about the crisis and about me as well.. A crisis actually brings out the worse of me and the pessimistic person within me gets awake, since I do not like to spread the pessimist around, therefore I keep on thinking about all those horrible things that could happen and continue to drown in my own conclusion making the entire situation worse for myself.. To cut the long story short, a crisis can really be panicking for me and I really hate my attitude towards it.. In spite of being calm and cautious, I get extremely lost in my pessimism, and lose my entire confidence..


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