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yum's blogI am being useless..!!  I have 2 siblings, a brother and a sister and above given is a chant my sister was going on about a few days back.. Normally, when this sentence is pronounced by anyone of the three, the other two get excited by th admitting of an acceptable fact. However, this time, the case was different, she was serious, and started considering everything related to her lousy, and everything related to me, the very best.. I did try to convince her to the fact that she is wrong, but she was not ready to listen. I refreshed my mother’s idea that she should write a blog, but she said that she cannot do it and wat would she ever write about.. I did try to give her a lot of ideas but she was not ready to accept whatever I said.. But thanks to our brother.. He twisted my sentences in such an amazing way that she agreed to write a blog and started one immediately.. Please check it ou and give her a feed back..


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