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50%2Whenever we discuss the possibility of any happening, we try to estimate the chances by estimating the percentage.. Discussing the percentage estimation do give us some idea as to what might happen.. But to me saying that there is a 50% chance of something happening does not exist.. There are many instances of this statement..  First one, as I see, is a cricket match.. the game going neck to neck and while discussing the possibility of any one team winning, anyone says 50% chances of Pakistan to win against India..!! Now what does this precisely mean..?? 50% chance here means that both have an equal chance to win the game, which means you cannot assess where the game is going.. Another one is when you go for shopping, like a dress, you like it and at the same time you find it unaffordable, how can you ever guess, at that moment if you will buy it or not..!! This also happens when you are not sure what have you done in your exam and you are all like.. 50% chances I’ll nail it, but in your brain is like “psst, 50% chances you might fail”.  I am not saying that 50% doesn’t exist, it does, when it comes to dividing stuff, when your cell phone battery is half full, and even when its 50% off  on your favourite product,50%1  but when it’s about judging the circumstances, 50% doesn’t give me a clue and i am completely at sea as to what does 50% actually mean.. But I would love to know if there is any possibility of a 50% happening..


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