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Shopping and buying, from my point of view, are two entirely different things. Buying, to me, is quite boring, you go with a list, go to desired shops, get the stuff you like, and you’re done. End of your trip.
Shopping on the other hand, gives me a spark, it excites me to the tip of my toe-nails. If i am to go on a shopping trip, infact if i am given a choice of going to a picnic or for shopping, it won’t be a matter of seconds for me, and i’ll be ready to hit the market next moment. Its not that i am a modern mall rat. NO, i am a type of person who can go from malls to stalls just to buy the perfect thing i desire, even if i have to spend an entire day for it. It is absolutely my habit to browse several shop even for a single dress and i go inside everyshop within my range unless I buy any..
Only last year when i went shopping with my parents, i turned the trip a disaster for them, the problem is that, i don’t usually like all the stuff which shopkeepers shows me and am greatly annoyed when they start showing me all the suff they say they would like. This is what precisely happened last year, and after two or three hours of chivying through the market and not being able to buy a single thing, i was on the verge of tears.

This year, i learnt doing something new, which of course people have been doing for ages, but i just did it this year, because since now, i only preferred to enter the shop when i was not done shopping, this year, even after pur-CHASING the things of my desire i entered the shops for no reason at all, i irritated the shop-keepers for no reason and had real fun.
My younger sister is quite different from me, she absolutely hated shopping, and as far as i know her, she’d rather get bored in the house than going to shop, she prefers, what I call, buying stuff, and she would always love mum to do that for her. This year some sort of drift came over her and she also started liking shopping for a change. I am, of course to be blamed for it. According to her, my virus has infected her.

Anyways, this time, i have decided that i won’t become edgy while shopping because it would be better to keep my head calm while shopping and let the sales-person be angry for a change.. 😉


3 thoughts on “Shop Til’ You Drop

    Yumna Idrees said:
    16/07/2012 at 12:23 am


    Yumna Idrees said:
    16/07/2012 at 12:25 am

    haha!!thnx for writing half a post about me!!:p

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