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I’ve noticed one great change in the attitude of youth today, that is to say us, over a past few months. We all seem to be sporting one common idea tha “I AM DIFFERENT”. I do not intend to mean here that this veiwpoint is wrong, rather i mean that we all seem to be convinced that we are different but the problem i see here is that we all seem to be different and NOT in varying directions but are running on a very same trail. Let me give here some instances.
That is the very first point i come across as i browse myself and my few friends for instances. We all quite easily say “I don’t need their attitude, i have my own”. Yes I have heard many of my friends saying this, either directly, or on their facebook wall, or even by posting pictures.
Yes, after writing the above given point, when i moved on to the next, i realized that attitude is the root cause of all problems which make us different in a similar manner. All of us are proud to say that “I continue the argument even if i know that i am wrong”, and this happens because our attitude is more precious then our family or friends. We want it to end on our terms, even though we may lose our terms with our loved one..!!
The next thing we do is that we manipulate the words, call attitude our style and justify ourself by saying this is my style, got a problem?? Because we think that this is the only style in vogue..
In short, we love our attitude so much, that we may call ourselves spoilt, mean and rude but we will always love it when someone says.. I LIKE YOUR ATTITUDE.. 🙂


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    Steffen said:
    31/12/2013 at 10:08 pm

    I actually believe this specific blog , “My Attitude..
    ayimas”, fairly compelling and the blog post was indeed
    a wonderful read. I appreciate it,Maxwell

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