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I have heard, not just once, that expectations are least likely to turn into reality, and that they can deceive a person to the extremities. The kind of expectation i am mentioning here is that from book, or to be more precise about an author and not just a person. I am, ofcourse, discussing here about my favourie book series of all times i.e ‘HARRY POTTER’.
The fact i would like to mention here is that i started reading the series at the age of 16.. Sounds stupid doesn’t it? But the truth is that i used to hate harry potter since i remember the sight of it on tv, the sight actually gave me creeps..!! My younger sister who had heard alot about the book being great and my freinds who had read the books themselves also tried to persuade me but being a stubborn person, nothing seemed to convince me(now that i realise it, i was being a bit of an idiot), but what hit me was a single line said to me by a teacher which made the story intriguing for me, she said “Rowling creates a world around you” now this really made me realise that there sure is a world around me which i am missing but, being an average brain, did not EXPECT anything of the sort which is given in the book, and so i read the first book.. It was, as i was later to realise, J.K.R puts it herself, WIT BEYOND MEASURE.
I read the entire series, each book having unusal yet unique aura of itself, when i tried to explain the series in a line or two, i realised it is nothing more than a story of a wizard boy who is coninually hunted for killing by another evil wizard and finally gets to defeat the evil wizard.. Now this doesn’t even gives a hint as to what is so special about these books which can make any reader fall in love with the series. It is actually J.K.R’s style of presenting anything at the moment when you least expect it, or doesn’t even see it coming sometimes.
After the books you always have the movies to look upto which, however, always lack somethings for the readers who want each and every bit of the book to be portrayed in the movies and exactly like that in the book. I sometimes actually waited to have the feel of a particular part in a movie which i had read and waited for it with baited breath while watching the movie only to realize that this part is not included in the movie..!!
When the series ended, it felt like i’ve lost a great friend, felt like a phenomenon has ended, a phase of life has been switched off . But the link re-established when pottermore was introduced and it was something which made the user experience life at hogwarts. Once again, J.K.R outwitted us by keeping in front of us things in a manner one couldn’t generally expect. Sorting is done in an amazing manner, you cant predict what sort of wand you’ll get and which house would you be sorted in, and you definitely can’t cheat about it. There is a lot to know and a lot to learn, quite literally, if you really are a Harry Potter fan from http://www.pottermore.com because there is a lot which shows that expectations are exceeded not just once since the series is written.



    Jeyna Grace said:
    09/07/2012 at 6:43 am

    True, there is just so much more and it is given freely to the fans.

    Yumna Idrees said:
    09/07/2012 at 12:09 pm


    amna said:
    09/07/2012 at 11:55 pm

    i like it 🙂 and so true …….

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