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During the hustle and bustle of my routine life, i used to think longingly of writing and posting on my blog again and again.. What i would write about, i had not decided, but i thought, that once i’ll have vacations, topics will be flooding my mind, but what happened was against my presumption and therefore i have only posted once since my exams.. I find the reason to be lack of ideas.. Everytime i think of writing, the question arises of what would i be writing about. i start searching around myself for topics and fail to find any, specially, now that i do have time and a free mind to write..
There is anotheer problem in line even if i have a good topic up my sleeve during exams and i have a fair few points regarding it, what happen is i simply find myself at lost for words.. In other words, i forget either the points or the topics itself. ;( These problems, however can be resolved, if, i would be active enough to grab a pen and note those things down. I even tried jotting down the points once or twice but now, i’ve turned extremely lazy to get that done, and this laziness makes me an extremely slow yet irregular blogger.. But this time i really do have a few topics in mind and i am very much hoping that i’ll nail it this time.


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