I’ve been want…

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I’ve been wanting to write again for long but was unable to do so due to two major reaseons.. One of them and a major one
was exams, the second one, however, was post-exam euphoria.
The exams, since now, only were a matter of two months, a month for preparation, and another for performance, but things have
changed lately..

Exams are now like a ferocious tornado which hurls us through it. The storm begins with the mid terms, continues to practicals and
finally end up on the terminla exams.. Exams can be faced easily if they are scheduled properly, but given a horrible schedule and feel like
you are facing one of those ACTIVATION ENERGY graphs from chemistry, which cannot have any alternate pathway becuse there
is no margin for a catalyst in the reaction, having felt the pure exam pressure, i realised that no google image can explain me, so this
time i drew my own graph which is somehow understandable and shows the effort level of students during the entire bunch of
examination they face.

But now that i’m done with all the exams any university can come up for a semester and i am also over my euphoria.. I guess i’ll haveImageto set-up a vacation routine and do something which is productive for my self but not dangerous for others. 😉


One thought on “I’ve been want…

    A lamely Post. | ayimas said:
    18/06/2013 at 8:15 pm

    […] by the university(I wouldn’t have signed up for this course if I’d known it was that difficult), but anyway I am now through them and relieved. I must also share here that I had my last exam, […]

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