Day: 17/02/2012


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A few weeks back, with the beginning of new semester, we were required to have new reference books.. Now buying a book of an international author just for a semester is a trait of those who would read the entire book just for the fun of it and i particularly do not consider myself so efficient and book-loving so as to do that.. A few teachers recommended the online books which i decided to try, but realized at once that i am not so digitalized as yet so as to study from it.. I thought may be it was just me but when i discussed it with my fellows, they seconded my views, all we discussed was the feel of a book in the hands, turning the pages again and again only to verify that i’ve found it right, were the feelings we mutually shared, and all those using the books for this purpose can really understand me.. I therefore concluded that digitalilzing the life might be great.. you are facilitated in many ways but there are a few things which can never be replaced, temporary substitutions are amazing and the processes are surely made fast, but the permanent replacement is quite difficult atleast for people like us… =)