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Every vacation comes with an unsaid list of chores, which no matter how much we try to ignore we know we’ll have to get done.. This winter vacation was the same as the previous ones, and therefore, there were a few things to get done in this time before i return my routine life.. Specially if the vacations are after a stretch of exams, it is most likely that you have planned a movie, or anything else.. But the problem i discover myself in, is that i am most prone to laziness.. When it comes to getting done the tasks you do once a few months like cleaning your bookshelves and drawers etc, I become very slow on the uptake.. Despite the nagging feeling of foreboding within me, a “vacation weariness” comes over and i either end up doing it in the last week, or leaving it completely to the next vacations.. Life is to resume from tomorrow for me and i am still left with a few chores to get done.. But then again, we always have another vacation in the line.. even if it is after a fair few months… ;D


One thought on “…I”LL DO IT LATER…

    A lamely Post. | ayimas said:
    18/06/2013 at 8:15 pm

    […] now through them and relieved. I must also share here that I had my last exam, last week but I was too lazy to tap on my thoughts, visit Pottermore, start on my chores, or even get started on the new book I […]

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