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 Different people with varying interests are all around us.. Some read books, some go for movies and others opt for music. But the thing which appeals to me the most is mythology. This interest was activated, of course, by the popular movies we watch these days. But after reading the real mythical bacckground behind them, i started to lose my enthusiasm for them. The true myth, i anticipated was not composed of love sick vampires and sensitive demi gods..

The interesting part, in my view is rather about the true nature of all these creatures and their historical background.. so far my favourite is the character of a banshee, a woman with long hair, sighted by the lake and ponds washing a blood stained shirt, which belongs to the one who is going to die. The legend is associated with four major Irish families and her cry is also famous for the one whose death she predicts.. There are other finer details which can be found online easily..

Greek mythology has its own fascinating realms which can be highly enchanting if you are interested.. It is therefore pretty much of an engrossing read if you have a taste for it..


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